• Virtual Healthcare
    for your employees

Next level benefits for your business

optimised Attract Talent

Show your employees you care about their health. Attracting and retaining high performers is increasingly difficult, stand out with industry leading benefits through Tia Health.

powerfull Reduce Absenteeism

Keep your team healthy and happy, and by default boost their productivity. Offer your team convenient access to doctors when they need.

website Save On Healthcare Costs

Preventative care has been proven to reduce long term medication and medical costs. To stay healthy people need more than the 'sick care' that's available.

What your employees get with Tia


Physician Appointments

Get the care you need when you need it


Prescriptions and Renewals

Free home delivery, or pickup at your pharmacy


Referrals, Requisitions and Follow Ups

No more waiting hours in a clinic for a simple medical visit


Family Coverage

Extended care for the family


Investing in employee health is good business

See the benefits of enabling access to care for your organization.
Your employees and their families will thank you.

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Happy, Healthy Employees

A Smart Investment

There's an astronomical ROI on providing access to acute and preventative care for your employees, and their families. Massive savings and increased productivity comes from reducing absenteeism, improving physical and mental health, and happiness and satisfaction. Additional savings include long and short-term disability claims, drug costs, and much more.

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Your company could benefit:




Improving employee health won't cost you an arm and a leg.

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